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Diversity and Inclusion

A quote from the CEO of Xerox

"Diversity is a constant we can be proud of at Xerox. We live and work in a diverse world and having a diverse workforce is a competitive advantage and makes good business sense. When we foster an inclusive culture it allows us to leverage our differences, reach our full potential, and ultimately be an employer and supplier of choice.

Diversity and inclusion benefits everyone, let's celebrate it every day."

Kevin Warren

President and CEO, Xerox Canada

Inclusiveness at Xerox

Often when people think about diversity and inclusion they think it's about quotas but to Xerox it goes beyond the numbers to how we leverage the talents, innovation and creativity of our workforce. An inclusive workplace also goes beyond gender and ethnicity, we also look at it in terms of generations, sexual orientation, family status, physical or mental abilities, learning styles, thinking styles, etc. because inclusiveness encompasses everything that makes us different or unique.

As a company, its one thing to say you have a diverse workforce but quite another to make sure that those who make up that workforce are continually given every opportunity to flourish without limits. Xerox offers such assurance through a variety of programs and groups.

Under the company's Inclusive Workplace Strategy, senior managers are evaluated on their ability to hire, develop and promote a diverse workforce. This strategy has been carefully designed to improve imbalances in representation at all levels in the Xerox workforce. Among the things Xerox considers when recruiting is using a "diversity lens" to determine how its workforce will develop over time, which helps design a plan for the future. We ensure resource planning is inclusive of all our employees, now and into the future.

Xerox Work Life Initiatives and Benefits Supporting Diversity and Inclusion

  • Flexible Work Arrangements
  • Virtual Workplace
  • Sabbatical Program
  • Domestic Partner Benefits
  • LifeWorks (Employee Assistance Program)
  • Matter of Respect Program
  • SafeSpace® Program

Minority/Female Supplier Program

The Xerox Minority/Female Supplier Program is an important indicator of Xerox' commitment to inclusion. Via this program, Xerox purchased and received over $2.5 billion in goods and services between 1999 and 2005 from certified Minority, Women and Disabled Veterans Suppliers. To find out more about the Minority/Female Supplier Program click here.

Employee Resource Groups

Independent employee resource groups play an important role at Xerox, advocating self-development, openness, equal opportunity and inclusion for the entire Xerox community. Groups representing Women, Blacks, Hispanics, Asians, Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender employees provide members with an avenue to improve society via their activities and success.

In particular, Xerox supports the following groups with Corporate Champions:

Feel free to visit each group's home page to find out more about their organization and involvement at Xerox.

Achieving our Vision through Strong Leadership

Xerox' vision for an inclusive workplace is to create an atmosphere where every employee, regardless of differences, feels part of Xerox' success and valued by their managers and co-workers.

An important element of creating an inclusive culture is leadership; leaders must demonstrate supporting behaviours to nurture an inclusive culture. Leadership starts at the top and permeates the whole organization and at Xerox, strong, consistent Senior Management Leadership starts with CEO role modeling and is cascaded throughout the organization.

Welcome to Canada...Welcome to Xerox!

Often it is intimidating to enter a new country and a new job and here at Xerox we are trying to make the transition easier everyday. In order to help you adjust to your new position and country Xerox provides training and workshops to get to know your fellow employees and the market place that you will be working in.

Xerox is an equal opportunity employer and as such we are looking for unique individuals with different experiences and skills. All too often qualified candidates are overlooked by organizations because of language barriers, unrecognizable work experience and difficulty assessing foreign credentials. The Canadian Labour and Business Centre (CLBC) created a handbook that discusses the role of immigration in meeting Canada's labour needs and successful integration of new immigrants' skills. Click here to view the handbook and some of the CLBC's findings.

Xerox understands the barriers that immigrants face when arriving to Canada and would like the opportunity to invite immigrants to search jobs and apply at Xerox Canada. In order to over come some common barriers in today's labour force it is important that you create a résumé that will highlight your skills and emphasize the vast experience that you have internationally. Try to make the skills that you have developed in past positions relevant to the position that you are applying for at Xerox. It can also be helpful to highlight these skills in a cover letter, detailing how you can use them to benefit Xerox and your career.

Xerox also works with Career Edge Organization, a national not-for-profit, to provide meaningful Canadian work experience to newcomers to Canada through the Career Bridge paid internship program. Career Bridge and Xerox provide mid-level professional opportunities with on-the-job coaching and mentoring in a supportive professional environment to internationally qualified professionals looking to re-launch their careers in Canada. Register with Career Edge Organization at www.careeredge.ca and find out about the paid internship opportunities available with Xerox Canada.

Across Canada there are organizations within each metropolitan area to help you create a résumé that will reflect your skills and ensure that employers like Xerox appreciate the value of these skills. The Government of Canada Job Bank provides some useful tools that you can utilize to get started with your résumé and cover letter.

Useful links for Newcomers

Skills for Change - offer programs and services to immigrants and refugees and provide a bridge to employers. They have three key areas in which they work:

  1. Provide programs and services to immigrants and refugees
  2. Showcase the contributions and talents that immigrants and refugees bring to society
  3. Break down barriers that block immigrants and refugees from successfully entering the workplace

The Language Instruction for Newcomers to Canada (LINC) offers eligible adult immigrants an opportunity to learn English or French for free. LINC can also direct you to education services in your community.

Information for Newcomers is a Federal Government resource to find out how to get the help you need and learn all about living in Canada.

Immigrant Settlement and Adaptation Program (ISAP) provides newcomers with information that will help them to integrate easily into Canadian society. Through immigrant-serving organizations newcomers are helped as soon as they arrive in Canada. These organizations can:

  • Refer you to economic, social, health, cultural, educational and recreational services;
  • Give you tips on banking, shopping, managing a household and other everyday tasks;
  • Provide interpreters or translators, if you need them;
  • Provide non-therapeutic counseling; and
  • Help you prepare a professional-looking résumé and learn job-searching skills.

The Immigrant Settlement and Adaptation Program (ISAP) pays for these services.

Service Canada offers a wide range of information including how to get a Social Insurance Number (SIN) and how to find a job.

Citizenship and Immigration Canada - Immigrating to Canada: Things you should know.