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Enabling Zero Trust Security

To stay ahead of rising cybersecurity threats, organizations need new, more powerful security strategies.

Zero Trust is a robust security model that provides access to the right users and devices while improving an organization’s overall security posture.

Zero trust infographic

With a combination of hardware, software and processes, we support your Zero Trust initiatives using the following best practices and recommendations to make implementation simpler and more comprehensive.

Start with the “no implicit trust” policy and ensure all user access is verified.

  • Xerox® printers ship with password protection.

  • Implement least privilege access through Role Based Access Controls and revalidation with enforced inactivity timeouts.

  • Extend capabilities to the fleet of devices with Xerox® Managed Print Services and Xerox® Workplace Suite and Cloud.

A simple, enforceable security policy is the foundation every organization needs. By implementing the Xerox security recommendations, businesses can safely provide authorized user access, limit exposure in case of data breaches and automate responses to potential security threats. For complete details, download the brief.

Download the Zero Trust brief

Cybercrime has reached unprecedented levels globally, and is expected to continue growing.

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Solutions de sécurité

Find out why the most security-minded businesses and governments choose Xerox.

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