• Security

Connect safely.

Security that protects your data and your business.
Businesses are only getting more connected and that brings increased risks, even for multifunction printers. With ConnectKey, you can finally protect your multifunction printers similar to how you protect PCs from viruses and malware, and control access to end points on your network – making your multifunction printer a fully secured network citizen.

McAfee® Embedded Security powered by Intel Security

Take comfort that only approved, predefined applications, code and files will run on your Xerox multifunction printers – the first in the industry to protect themselves from potential outside threats.

With ConnectKey, Xerox is the first company to offer McAfee whitelisting technology for multifunction printers. This means you can:

  • Detect and prevent unauthorized access and tampering of multifunction printer files and send alerts.
  • Have a single point of reference for monitoring, reporting and alerts through the McAfee Enterprise security console ePolicy Orchestrator and Xerox Managed Print Services tool set.
  • Lock multifunction printer configurations for organizational compliance and to reduce the need for manual software updates to stay ahead of emerging threats.

Get additional, proactive data protection with McAfee® Integrity Control that integrates with your organization's processes and doesn't cause access or productivity headaches.

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Cisco® TrustSec Integration

Cisco® TrustSec integration provides comprehensive visibility of all ConnectKey enabled multifunction printers' endpoints to enforce IT-centric security policies and compliance.

Protection from day one

Security features are standard on ConnectKey multifunction printers

Standard out-of-the-box features go to work as soon as you power on your ConnectKey enabled multifunction printer.

  • 256Bit HD Encryption with Image Overwrite.
  • Secure Print with time deletion.
  • Secure external email connectivity that encrypts data transfer between multifunction printers and externally hosted mail servers.

Industry standards verification check

Satisfy Common Criteria Certification requirements with a simple audit to verify the embedded software controller has not been altered.

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Multifunction printers enabled with ConnectKey Technology provide end-to-end scan and print encryption. Users have the option to encrypt PDF files with a password when using the Scan to Email service. This technology provides protection outside of the firewall, securing data in an unsecure environment using industry standard protocols such as Secure PDF. The Xerox® Global Print Driver® also supports document encryption when submitting Secure Print jobs to enabled devices. Simply check the box to Enable Encryption when adding the Passcode to the print job.