• Case Study: Healthcare Trade Union Reduces Paper Dependency

Case Study: Healthcare Trade Union Reduces Paper Dependency

The healthcare trade union initiated a digital roadmap strategy whereby the goal was to reduce the use of paper organization-wide. Employees’ access to physical documents was cumbersome, as they were stored in various storage locations onsite and offsite, amounting to over 1,500 boxes of paper. The healthcare trade union and affiliate employee productivity was negatively impacted, since access to critical physical documents that were needed daily took up to 10 business days, where time and effort could be used more efficiently elsewhere.

The digitalization of the documents was performed at the Xerox Digital Hub, a world-class imaging and records management shared facility located in Toronto, Ontario that provides enterprise data capture, records management, and transactions processing. The Xerox record management team went onsite to the client’s head office to assist their resources organization in categorizing and transporting the boxes to Xerox Digital Hub while maintaining chain of custody audit processes.


  • Over 3 million images were processed, which allowed the healthcare trade union to save over 30% in records management operational costs.
  • Digitization and effective electronic indexing of documents improved document retrieval time from up to 10 days down to seconds.
  • The standardized digital format of the documents allows the client’s staff to search more effectively for and within documents using their custom search engine tools.

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