Commercial Vehicle Operations: Highway Weigh Station Bypass

In times of change, new processes, efficiencies and technologies can have a dramatic impact on commercial vehicle operations.

Increasing operational efficiencies and highway safety.

Today’s trucking industry faces significant challenges. The changing profile of shipping affects drivers who make a living transporting goods.

Our Commercial Vehicle Operations are committed to providing intelligent transportation solutions that create operational efficiencies for the commercial trucking industry. By reducing queues and idling at weigh stations and inspection facilities, carriers save time, money and fuel and reduce harmful emissions. Limiting the deceleration and acceleration around weigh stations also reduces potential traffic hazards and improves highway safety.

  • Can trucking companies control their fuel costs and increase carrier efficiency?
  • How can state and local governments maximize limited resources?
  • Can technology maintain the nation’s infrastructure?
  • What role does intelligent transportation play in highway safety?

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