Workflow Automation Solutions for Retail

Xerox® Workflow Automation Solutions for Retail can replace manual, repetitive and error-prone tasks with automated workflows — especially in areas like recruiting, accounts payable and merchandise distribution.

These automated retail workflows, when combined with data analysis and integrated with core systems, can help you reduce cycle times and deliver superior service. This can help you maintain a competitive edge in today’s omnichannel world, which operates at the intersection of digital and physical.

Retail workflow automation solutions make it easier to share information and collaborate across your retail organization. As a result of this transformational experience, you can improve response time, accuracy, cost savings and customer satisfaction.

Workflow Automation Solutions for Retail

Our Workflow Automation Solutions for Retail include mobile and electronic data capture, imaging, and work process automation, delivered into a core platform that manages electronic content and integrates with key retail systems. These retail automation solutions give employees access to all the information they need to do their jobs effectively from wherever they are, and to simplify data sharing between systems.

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Retail HR Onboarding

Capture and verify employee information quickly so you speed up the hiring process, and also start new employees off on the right foot. You’ll help make their first day on the job a productive one.

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Retail Vendor Management

Retail purchasing departments procure goods from a large number of vendors, including merchandised wholesale brokers, non-merchandised suppliers and direct manufacturers. Gain transparency and standardize processes, from initial sourcing to execution and contract renewals.

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Supply Chain Optimization

Digitize and automate processes throughout the retail distribution center and store operations. We add structured and unstructured data analytics and a visual reporting layer to make information accessible and actionable to everyone across the supply chain, including suppliers, partners and employees. You’ll print less, streamline reconciliation and improve fill rates.

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