• Case Study: Xerox HR improves Productivity

Case Study: Xerox HR improves Productivity

The Xerox Canada Human Resources department was utilizing very high value, premium downtown Toronto office space to store employee records with a high cost per square foot. Documents were stored in various boxes and storage rooms and locating business critical files could take upwards of 2 business days. The department did not have a disaster recovery plan for the documents in case of fire, flood, or other unexpected events.

Human Resources and the Xerox® Digital Hub worked together to determine a process to convert their employee records to a digital format that could be stored and conveniently accessed. The digitization of the documents was performed at the Xerox Digital Hub, a world-class imaging and records management shared facility located in Toronto, Ontario that provides enterprise data capture, records management, and transactions processing. Transformed hard copy paper into digital documents with added functionality, known as “intelligent documents”, with features such as automatic indexing, security, and accessibility.


  • All employee records were imaged and indexed to enable the Human Resources department to easily upload to their content management system.
  • Reduced the labour-intensive process of accessing physical files from up to 2 business days to virtually instantly by enabling efficient electronic archival, storage, and retrieval.
  • Document management cost savings were realized due to more efficient use of storage space in the premium real estate downtown office.

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