Xerox DocuWorks

Managing documents has never been easier. DocuWorks™ enables the seamless integration of electronic documents created by applications such as Microsoft® Word, Excel or PowerPoint®, and paper documents imported from scanners. It offers easy-to-view display of documents and also lets you edit and search documents, all from the same window. DocuWorks is an intuitive, seamless document handling solution to improve your productivity.

Key Features

  • DocuWorks Desk consolidates documents of different formats into a single, standard DocuWorks format
  • DocuWorks Image Capture can automatically acquire scanned documents from a network folder into the DocuWorks Desk
  • User-friendly interface allows you to add or delete pages, change page order, and stack or un-stack documents of different orientation and size
  • DocuWorks Viewer allows users to easily personalize documents by adding annotations such as notes, date stamps, security stamps, text highlights, and link notations. You can even edit documents within a web browser screen when DocuWorks files are used within WebDAV-compatible web servers. Redaction allows you to hide sensitive areas of a document before it is released to someone else.
  • Redaction allows you to hide sensitive areas of a document before it is released to someone else.
  • Built-in Optical Character Recognition (OCR) allows users to extract the text from scanned documents and use it to create new editable documents
  • DocuWorks Binders allows to combine and handle multiple electronic documents into a single container while keeping access to the original data and boundaries between documents.
  • Easy editing capabilities, such as free rotation of notes written on DocuWorks documents
  • Enhanced security features protect sensitive and confidential information. DocuWorks protects documents using 128-bit passwords, Electronic Signatures, or Digital Certificates
  • Easy search function allows users to search documents by date or document name, or even by text when used in conjunction with the OCR function
  • Plug-in tools such as Adobe® PDF Creation Add On, Redaction, Page Layout, Image Converter, ODMA Client, Easy Printer, and Find & Mark, offer exceptional flexibility
In today's office, an enormous volume of paper must be processed through complicated processes. Plus, any business exposes itself to many security risks that can't be covered by traditional methods.

Key Challenges

  • Paper documents often damaged, lost and misplaced. Vast amount of paperwork needs to be archived.
  • Due to the increasing variety of file formats, it becomes difficult to exchange and share critical data throughout the enterprise.
  • Regardless of file format, easily identifiable view is expected for quick-reference and immediate use.
  • Processing vast amount of data quickly and efficiently is a constant challenge, especially when originated from many different sources and media.
  • Securing documents throughout their life cycle – creation, viewing, processing, copying, printing, shortage, transmitting through disposal – is crucial to gain a competitive advantage and for our peace of mind.
  • Need to share documents with others, but some sensitive areas must be hidden to protect sensitive or confidential information.
Xerox DocuWorks document management software merges and manages your paper and digital documents seamlessly. Its rich features offer you an integrated document management solution to accelerate workflow process, improve productivity, while reducing costs. In short, DocuWorks enhances the efficiency of documentation processes and information sharing, making document handling a breeze.
  • Automated delivery of scanned image files to the desktop. With a Xerox device, large quantities of paper documents can be scanned quickly and imported into DocuWorks
  • Seamless integration of electronic documents created by various applications such as Microsoft® Word, Excel or PowerPoint® and paper document imported from scanners
  • Easy-to-view display of documents
  • Paper-based document handling features such as stack/unstack, bundle/re-order, split, move, delete and re-arrange documents
  • Enhanced security features protect sensitive and confidential information using 128-bit passwords, Electronic Signatures, or Digital Certificates
  • Document modification features such as object writing: figures, text, notepad, marker, freehand, stamp and date stamp
  • OCR features include image page with built-in OCR, noise reduction and deskew, and OCR area designation per page
  • Support collaboration by editing annotation of DocuWorks documents from a web browser
  • Redaction helps to hide sensitive or confidential information (such as a social insurance number) on a document that will be shared with others.

Why Choose Xerox?

  • Complete end-to-end document management solution from one trusted brand when coupled with Xerox scan-enabled multifunction printers
  • More affordable and easier to install and use
  • Compatible with any scanner compliant with TWAIN32. Also, Image Capture can automatically acquire scanned documents from a network folder into the DocuWorks Desk.
Xerox award-winning copiers, printers, and multifunction printers include flexible platforms that accommodate a wide variety of software solutions. Software functionality may vary by product model. Contact your local sales representative for detailed compatibility information.
  • Document Centre and WorkCentre products that can scan to a network folder in TIFF or JPEG* formats.

    * DocuWorks can import files using the following compression formats: G3(1d), G3(2d), G4, non-compression, Packbits, JPEG, TIFF Revision 6.0, TIFF FX Profile F, TIFF FX Profile C, TIFF FX Profile J, TIFF Jpeg Compression 7.0
Operating System
  • Microsoft® Windows® 2000 (Service Pack 3/4) *2 *6
  • Microsoft® Windows® XP (Service pack 16/2/3)
  • Microsoft® Windows Vista® (without Service Pack or with Service Pack 1/2)
  • Installation of Microsoft® Internet Explorer® 6 or Windows® Internet Explorer® 7/8 is required
  • Pentium® III 333MHz or above *3
  • 256 MB or more (512 MB or more recommended)*3
  • 800x600 pixels or more (1024 x 768 pixels recommended) Full colour
Minimum hard disk space required
  • 290 MB*4
Compatible Scanners
  • TWAIN32 compliant
Other installation environment requirements
  • DVD-ROM drive is required during installation
  • Windows Installer 3.0 or later
Browsers supporting DocuWorks Viewer Control*5
  • Microsoft® Internet Explorer® 6
  • Windows® Internet Explorer® 7
  • Windows® Internet Explorer® 8
Versions compatible with DocuWorks Creator for Microsoft Office
  • Microsoft® 2003
  • Microsoft® Office Office XP
  • 2007 Microsoft® Office System
  • Microsoft® Office 2010 (32-bit edition)

*1 Operation on virtual machine software (e.g. VMware®) is not covered by the warranty.

*2 To use the PDF thumbnail display function or PDF search function, Service Pack 4 or higher is required.

*3 Compliant with the recommended values for each OS.

*4 To install the supplied software, additional available disk space is necessary. An additional 200 MB or more is recommended to operate the software.

*5 This function displays DocuWorks files using a Web browser and edits files such as adding annotations.

*6 Operation of DocuWorks PDF Creator on Microsoft® Windows® 2000 and Microsoft® Windows XP® Service Pack 1 is not covered under warranty.