Xerox Remote Print Services and Centreware Web: Xerox Account Management

Xerox Remote Print Services

Automated Meter Reads, Automatic Supplies Replenishment, and Remote Diagnostics

Xerox Remote Print Services eliminates the time and effort required to provide meter reads and order ink/toner for networked equipment.

Xerox Remote Print Services includes:

Automated Meter Reads - Automates the meter reading and submission process, eliminating the manual steps involved in collecting and reporting meter reads and ensuring accurate invoices.

Automatic Supplies Replenishment - Automatic Supplies Replenishment will automatically order supplies for your Xerox devices, based on your actual usage, eliminating the need to manually manage supplies inventory and the worry of running out of stock. Please visit to register after establishing connectivity.

Remote Diagnostics - Maintenance Assistant enables the Service Representative to remotely gather specific service data enabling quicker and accurate diagnosis of the faults that leads to greater productivity. Currently supported via the device direct method, Maintenance Assistant will be available to users of XDA Lite as well by the end of 2012.

Easy to Get Started
Xerox Remote Print Services lets you choose the implementation that best fits your environment - all of which are free.
Xerox Remote Print Services enablement
Xerox offers customers two ways to enable Xerox Remote Print Services Assistant.

Xerox Device Agent (XDA Lite)

Before you start:

Download the XDA Lite User Guide

Step 1 - Installing XDA Lite

Download your free XDA Lite Software

System Requirements
Before you can start using the client software, you must ensure that the following requirements are met:

Operating System: (32- and 64-bit)Windows® XP with Service Pack 3
Windows Server® 2003 with Service Pack 2
Windows Server® 2008 with Service Pack 1 and 2008 R2 with Service Pack 1
Windows® 7 Professional, Enterprise, and Ultimate
Windows Vista® with Service Pack 2 Ultimate, Business, and Enterprise Windows Server® 2012
Windows® 8, Windows® 8 Pro, Windows® Enterprise
Memory512 MB RAM (1GB Recommended) for Windows® XP and Windows Server® 2003
1GB RAM (1.5 GB Recommended) for Windows Vista®, Windows® 7, Windows® 8, and Windows Server® 2008 and 2008 R2
Processor 1.7 GHz processor or better
Hard DiskMinimum free space is approximately 100 MB for the application and up to 500 MB for the Microsoft®.NET framework, if not previously installed.
Minimum Resolution 1024x768
Permissions You must install the application software on the client computer using the administrative account or an account with administrative privileges.
Internet connectionRequired
  1. We recommend that you update your host computers with the latest critical patches and service releases from Microsoft Corporation.
  2. The Network Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) must be loaded and operational.
  3. Requires SNMP-enabled devices and the ability to route SNMP over the network. It is not required to enable SNMP on the computer where XDA Lite will be installed or any other network computers.
  4. You must install Microsoft®.NET 3.5 with Service Pack 1 before you install the application.
  5. The application should not be installed on a PC where other SNMP-based applications or other Xerox printer management tools are installed, since they may interfere with each other’s’ operation.

Step 2 - Configure XDA Lite

Register equipment that is Xerox Remote Print Services enabled.

Please ask your Network Administrator for assistance.
Xerox Remote Print Services automatic registration is available as a standard feature on our newest devices. No additional steps are needed on these network-connected devices. Many other Xerox products are ready to participate in Xerox Remote Print Services when they are installed.