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Education Workflow Solutions for Administrators and Teachers

Education Solutions to Close the Digital Divide

No one ever said teaching was easy. Yet, teaching in this current environment has provided many new challenges and opportunities. One thing is clear: Technology-supported learning will be a permanent part of the future of education.

How Xerox Supports Education

Robotic Process Automation

Increase Efficiency

  • Automating Administrative Tasks: Xerox RPA revolutionizes educational workflows by handling routine tasks such as student registration, attendance tracking, and record-keeping. This automation allows educators to concentrate on teaching and student interaction.

  • Enhancing Data Security and Compliance: In education, safeguarding student information and adhering to regulations is crucial. Xerox RPA solutions automate these security protocols and compliance checks.

  • Data Analysis and Insight Generation: Xerox RPA in education enhances data handling efficiency. It automates the organization and analysis of large volumes of educational data, aiding in informed decision-making and personalized learning strategies.

  • Integration with Educational Technologies: Seamlessly integrating with existing educational technology systems, RPA enhances operational efficiency and user experience in the educational landscape.

Xerox® Robotic Process Automation

Managed Print Services

Improve Workflow

Improving workflow is the first step toward creating a better learning experience. Our comprehensive security, analytics, digitization and cloud technologies help you improve workflows across paper and digital platforms so you can better serve students.

Managed Print Services

Xerox® DocuShare® for Education

Make content management easy

Spending too much time managing documents? With affordable digital tools for paper and digital content, you can easily and automatically make sure your students and colleagues can access what they need, when they need it.

Xerox® DocuShare® for Education

Xerox® ConnectKey® Apps

Apps that help you do more

Is sharing course materials harder than it needs to be? Are lesson prep and grading work eating into time meant for students? Xerox® ConnectKey® Technology-enabled devices with education apps can help you be more productive, collaborative and effective.

Xerox® ConnectKey® Apps

The Future of Educational Tech with RPA

Looking forward, RPA can also play a pivotal role in both K-12 and higher education settings. RPA may integrate with AI for predictive analytics, enhance student and parent interaction, provide advanced data analytics for educational trends, adapt to evolving educational standards, and foster collaboration through RPA-enabled platforms.

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Xerox wins big from Keypoint Intelligence with 3 PaceSetter awards

Xerox’s robust security and education market solutions produced industry recognition with Buyers Lab (BLI) 2021-2022 PaceSetter Awards from Keypoint Intelligence.

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Broaden the Spectrum of Learning

Using color helps kids better process, understand and retain information.

Educational Technology Case Studies

How Xerox Helped A School District Communicate Better YouTube Video

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Empowering Teachers

See how Xerox® DocuShare® gives Lincoln Public School teachers more time to focus on students.

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Going Greener

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Staying Focused

Find out how Xerox® DocuShare® helped Tulane University staff stay focused on students in the wake of Hurricane Katrina.

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Workplace Assistant

Xerox® ConnectKey® Technology gives educators the tools to solve problems and take on new challenges from anywhere.