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Across industries and around the globe, businesses and governments are recognizing the value proposition of today’s Xerox. We have people who are passionate about making our communities better than they are… a corporate culture that is committed to diversity and continuous improvement… and an innovation community that’s harnessing the potential of services and technologies for the promise of a better world.

Reflecting a company-wide commitment to environmental stewardship, Xerox's environmental sustainability goals included a 25% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions worldwide from 2002 to 2012. In 2012, Xerox exceeded that greenhouse gas (GHG) emission reduction target, achieving a 42% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions since 2002. Company-wide efforts enabled this success, including employee actions, driving fewer miles, sound energy management, new manufacturing and customer technologies and more efficient heating and cooling.

Citizenship Report
The 2013 Report on Global Citizenship
Our eighth annual report on global citizenship discusses Xerox’s principles, policies and practices in areas viewed under the broad definition of corporate social responsibility. They include governance and ethics, customer privacy and satisfaction, employee diversity and development, environmental sustainability initiatives, corporate donations and volunteerism, and more.
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