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ColorQube™ 9201/9202/9203 at a glance

Model ColorQube 9201 ColorQube 9202 ColorQube 9203
Standard functions Copy, Email, Network scan, Print, Scan
Copy/print speed Colour: up to 38 ppm
Black: up to 50 ppm
Colour: up to 45 ppm
Black: up to 50 ppm
Colour: up to 50 ppm
Black: up to 50 ppm
Flexible Print Speeds Colour: from 30 - 60 ppm
Black: from 38 - 85 ppm
Colour: from 35 - 70 ppm
Black: from 38 - 85 ppm
Colour: from 38 - 85 ppm
Black: from 38 - 85 ppm
Connectivity 10/100/1000BaseTX Ethernet
Two-sided output Standard
Duty cycle Up to 150,000 images/month Up to 225,000 images/month Up to 300,000 images/month
Detailed specifications


Competitive Edge

  • Low cost colour – price plans for ColorQube 9201/9202/9203 are based on actual colour used; you’ll no longer pay expensive full-colour page prices for small amounts of colour on a page
  • Easy-to-use, cartridge-free design means loading ink is as easy as loading a stapler
  • Unique solid ink colour technology is only offered by Xerox
  • Better for the environment with 90% less waste generated compared to typical colour laser technology
  • Remarkably consistent colour on most office media compared to laser and inkjet – especially with lower quality recycled paper
  • Compact solid ink packaging conserves storage space compared to bulky toner cartridges

Cost-Saving Features

  • Flexible pricing plans let you pay for the colour you use. You’ll stop paying expensive per-page prices for low-coverage documents.
  • Save paper with standard two-sided copying and printing
  • No need to purchase expensive paper – solid ink prints dense, saturated colour on everything from office paper to recycled or high-yield business papers
  • Reduce operating costs and service calls by owning one device instead of four
  • Free GreenPrint software with your new solid ink device saves paper, ink, money, and trees
  • Print jobs in-house with confidence instead of sending them out to commercial printers or quick copy shops - saving time and money
  • Gain valuable office space with easy-to-store, cartridge-free solid ink and a single, long-life Cleaning Unit
  • Create better documents when they’re in colour – more sales, better retention, higher response rates, and fewer mistakes

Hassle-Free Features

  • No toner cartridges! Just drop the no-mess ink sticks into ColorQube’s shape-coded slots, close the cover and you're done. And you can even top off the ink levels while ColorQube is running.
  • Intuitive front panel gives instant job status, supplies status, help videos and graphical troubleshooting instructions
  • Only one unit to replace: the long-life Cleaning Unit typically lasts about a year, plus you won’t need to replace fusers or multiple imaging units like those found on most laser devices
  • Long-term print capacities hold enough solid ink to print up to 58,000 pages before replenishing
  • Do multiple functions simultaneously with great ease and reliability with this completely integrated colour multifunction printer -- not an A3 printer with functions pieced together
  • Scan paper documents into fully text-searchable digital files that you can edit, index, and archive
  • Deliver scanned files fast and reduce network load with Optimized File Compression
  • High duty cycle of up to 300,000 pages per month (ColorQube 9203) is built to handle large print volumes
  • Adobe® PostScript® 3™, PCL® 5c and PCL 6 support ensures even complex graphics print accurately every time
  • Fast and easy installation on your network in only a few minutes
  • Scan documents and convert scanned images into editable text with powerful Xerox Scan to PC Desktop software (optional)
  • Instant on-screen alert notification and help when a print job needs attention thanks to bi-directional drivers
  • Access device and job status as well as accounting information from either the touch-screen front panel or from your computer via the Xerox CentreWare™ IS embedded Web server
  • Prints are secure with Saved Print feature, which won't print the job until you enter a PIN on the front panel
  • Xerox Extensible Interface Platform (EIP) allows you to connect to third-party software solutions that you can access from the touch-screen of the device
  • Electronically "shreds" data stored on the hard drive as part of routine job processing

Environmental Features

  • Generate 90% less waste compared to typical colour laser multifunction printers over the course of printing 22,000 pages per month for 4 years
  • Safe, clean solid ink is easy to handle, there’s nothing to spill, leak, or smudge on your clothes, and it’s 100% dust-free
  • Smaller carbon footprint compared to laser printers because less energy is invested in manufacturing and transporting cartridge-free solid ink
  • Smaller physical footprint of solid ink boxes means you’ll save on storage and shipping costs
  • Solid ink packaging is made from post-consumer waste and can be recycled locally
  • Use recycled paper in the ColorQube 9200 series as much as you like and get the same vibrant, high-quality colour as you would with expensive laser paper
  • 2009 ENERGY STAR qualified
  • Intelligent Ready technology minimizes energy use by learning your workgroup’s usage patterns and moving to low-power mode when you’re least likely to use it
  • Save paper, money, and trees with standard two-sided output on the ColorQube 9200 series colour multifunction printer
  • Use less power with one colour multifunction printer that does the work of several stand-alone devices
  • Free GreenPrint software with your new solid ink device saves paper, ink, money, and trees

IT and Security Features

  • Reduce calls to the IT desk. Features such as simple ink loading, a long-life CRU, embedded help videos and an illuminated paper path minimize interventions.
  • Manage every device with Xerox CentreWare Web - install, configure, manage, monitor and report on printers and MFPs across the network regardless of manufacturer
  • Access the ColorQube 9200 series virtually with Xerox CentreWare Internet Services, a built-in web server that simplifies installation, cloning and network administration, as well as quick access to job status, accounting and online support
  • Automatically submit meter reads with Xerox Remote Print Services MeterAssistant™ for easy, accurate billing
  • Minimize security risks with IPSec for encrypting document content, SNMPv3 for secure information transfer, and 802.1x to authenticate network devices
  • IPv6 improves security, routing and auto-configuration on your network
  • Log into ColorQube by swiping a security badge with Secure Access Unified ID System (optional)
Software Solutions - ColorQube 9201/9202/9203
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With digital documents, you can easily create, search, re-use, and build upon your documents. Maximize your hardware investments with innovative software solutions from Xerox and Xerox Business Partners:
  • Contain costs
  • Share knowledge
  • Accelerate workflow
  • Integrate paper and electronic documents
  • Manage and distribute documents effectively
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