Meter Reads System

Point, Click, Submit. Enjoy the ease and efficiency of submitting meter readings online, including these features:
  • The ability to submit meter readings online for Xerox equipment
  • Email notification when meter readings are due
  • Two ways to report readings
    1. Our easy Web form
    2. Automatically, from your equipment directly to Xerox, using Xerox Remote Print Services
      or use the Machine Eligibility Test to determine if you can take advantage of Smart eSolutions capabilities
  • Secure access to protect your confidential account data
  • Website shows the last billed meter read(s)
  • Online validations to assist in accurate reading submission and resolve issues prior to invoicing
Meter reading submission is linked to a customer's contact phone number. After you create your user account, you'll be asked for:
  • One serial number, and
  • your address and phone number
Xerox will attempt to validate the serial number entered against the postal code or phone number to add the serial entered. If we get a match on the phone number and extension, we will also add any other machines with that exact combination automatically. Other serials numbers can be added after the registration process by clicking on the “update your equipment list” link within the submit meter read application.

If you intend to take advantage of our free automated meter read software, please visit the Xerox Remote Print Services page. As a registered user, you will be able to submit meter readings online at your convenience. Why would you do business any other way?

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