Expressing Xerox Values

Community Contributions Program Objective
Xerox Canada donates more than $1 million annually to local and national philanthropic initiatives. We believe that building strong partnerships between Xerox and our communities is essential to our collective well-being.

Leaving Lasting Impressions
At Xerox Canada, we are committed to the development and enhancement of our communities. Our vision is to leave footprints coast-to-coast in the communities in which we live and work to better our country and enrich the lives of our fellow Canadians.

Making a Positive Difference
We strive to initiate positive change by supporting innovative projects and programs that demonstrate Xerox's leadership, knowledge, expertise, abilities and corporate citizenship. We aim to fulfill our promise as a Community Leader. Our commitment to giving back is at the cornerstone of Xerox’ concept of citizenship.

Xerox Cares About YOU
As a socially-conscious and community-minded company, Xerox Canada believes high performance organizations have responsibilities that go beyond their primary economic role. We are committed to a policy of positive community engagement, which we demonstrate by sharing our financial resources, as well as our time, energy and compassion.

Selection Process
While we appreciate the value of each cause we are asked to support, we have limited capacity to entertain proposals beyond those which Xerox proactively seeks out. A significant portion of our annual budget for charitable giving is committed to organizations with which our employees are actively engaged as volunteers. Our preference to lead engagement with non-profit organizations or other charitable causes is intended to match our philanthropic vision.