Fastbind Elite/XT Perfect Binders

Offline tabletop perfect binders

The Fastbind Elite series perfect binders are ideal for the small to medium run hardcover or softcover on demand book applications that are synonymous with digital printers.

Key Features

  • Make hard or soft cover books with the same machine
  • Coated or uncoated, 60 to 200 gsm paper
  • Books can vary in size from 2" x 2" to 12" x 17"
  • Book thicknesses can vary by book with no additional setup
  • Maximum book thickness 1.97"
  • No daily cleaning of the glue pot needed
  • Make 50-70 books an hour
Creating your own book covers can be expensive, time-consuming, and complex. Making short runs or single, customized books is not cost-effective.

Key Challenges

  • Your customers want personalized book covers, but short runs or individual books are expensive to produce
  • Many book making machines are complex and require extensive operator training
  • Setting up a perfect binder is time-consuming
With the Fastbind Elite XT, you no longer need to turn down small to medium run book applications. You can now offer both hard and soft cover books to your clients. The Elite XT is so easy to use, anyone can make a book! Quickly and and easily make one book, or make hundreds of books professionally and profitably.

Why Choose Xerox?

  • Binds most papers that Xerox digital presses can print to, including the layflat paper.
  • The FastBind Elite XT can be put on the same lease as your Xerox printer.
  • Opens up new book making opportunities for your business.
Xerox award-winning digital presses can be enhanced with feeding and finishing equipment. Functionality may vary by product model. Contact your local sales representative for detailed compatibility information.

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