Fastbind H32Pro/H46Pro Hard Cover Case Maker

Offline tabletop hard cover case makers

The Fastbind H32Pro/H46Pro allows you to make custom, personalized hard covers for any of your book products. Make a printed cover with tacking sheets that run directly on your Xerox printer or make covers out of any substrate that can be folded.

Key Features

  • Make custom, personalized hard covers quickly and easily
  • Make printed covers through your Xerox printer or use other substrates
  • Covers can be as small as 2" x 2" or as large as 18" x 18" and all sizes in between
  • Sheet sizes run from 13" x 19" to 13" x 26"
  • Spine thicknesses can vary by book cover with no additional setup
  • Anyone can make covers with no special skills needed
  • Make up to 50-70 covers an hour
Many printers are limited to soft cover book making due to the high cost and time spent making hard cover books.

Key Challenges

  • Need to outsource hardcover making
  • Extensive time spent on setup
  • High cost of printing individual book covers
Grow your business to include small to medium run book applications. You can quickly and easily make hundreds of individual, personalized hard cover books professionally and profitably. Fastbind case makers are easy set up, and no clean-up is needed when finished.

Why Choose Xerox?

  • Printable tacking sheets run through any of your Xerox printers.
  • The Fastbind H32Pro/H46Pro can be put on the same lease as your printer.
  • Opens up new book making opportunities for your business.
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