Empowering the IoT with Sophisticated Sensors

The Internet of Things (IoT) is poised to transform vital industries ranging from manufacturing and transportation to healthcare and environmental safety. What’s holding it back? Today’s sensors can’t keep up. They’re bulky. Power-hungry. Incapable of providing the level of accuracy and actionable information.

The IoT needs lab-level sophistication in a low-cost, compact form factor to make the sensor suitable for a wide variety of applications. And Xerox is making it happen. We’re distilling the essence of sophisticated sensors on the market today to create next-gen sensors capable of taking the IoT to new heights.

Using semiconductor technology to miniaturize the physics, we’re able to shrink the entire system. Our technology expertise in micro-systems, imaging, and printed electronics allows us to create unique shapes and form factors to enable mass customization. And leveraging advanced analytics, we can overcome performance limitations and explore use cases to enhance capabilities.

Xerox is no stranger to IoT innovation. Our solutions — such as Xerox® Managed Print Services — are built on the premise of making smart, connected devices work better. And smart really does mean smart – their embedded intelligence can even include computer vision for self maintenance and self healing and support remote diagnostics and repair. Now, we’re paving the way for the next wave of IoT progress and helping to build tomorrow’s intelligent workplace. Get ready for your world to change.