• Save more with today’s time-saving tech

Save more with today’s time-saving tech

Today’s technology offers one-stop processing of jobs that used to take precious time and multiple, often repetitive steps that wasted money, and imposed an overbearing footprint on the environment. Follow these tech tips for a healthier budget, greener energy bill and more time in your busy day.

Run in the green

Sun through the leaves

Going green is becoming commonplace. Many green initiatives can actually help you save green and a growing number of customers wants to do “green business”. Those that go green can cut costs, gain a competitive advantage, turn a profit and minimize the negative impact they have on the environment.

It’s easier than ever to implement smarter and sustainable technology practices in your office:

  • Duplex mode: print and copy both sides of a page to reduce paper use
  • ENERGY Star - Save money on energy bills by choosing ENERGY STAR® compliant products. Many Xerox products can “learn” your workgroup’s usage patterns and automatically adjust between power saving and ready modes to help conserve energy
  • Utilize environmentally responsible print technologies, like Xerox-proprietary Emulsion Aggregate (EA) Toner
  • Adjust print driver default settings to customize printer drivers to become much more eco- and budget-friendly

Apply the same common sense conservation techniques you use at home in your office set-up:

  • Replace high watt bulbs with low-energy lighting (a single CFL bulb can save you $30 to $80 in electricity bills over its lifetime)
  • Pull the plug on phantom power by powering down devices at night and removing the plug from the outlet
  • Buy in bulk to save on unit cost and reduce packaging waste. And keep the same principle in mind when you buy supplies like toner: look for the words "high-efficiency" or "high-capacity" to denote bulk-sized items that lower your per-print or per-unit cost
  • Use smart automation such as light sensitive switches or automatic timers and use natural lighting whenever and wherever possible

Tech advances cut costs in more ways than one

Account capabilities are built into ConnectKey multifunction printers

Some technological innovations cut costs directly. Others streamline your processes or make your workspaces more efficient while supporting the environment in the process.

Consider automation tools and creating a recommended suite of apps ecosystem that all your employees use. With most of the world connected via smartphones you can be proactive and use this new, ubiquitous technology to your advantage. Automation tools can help you handle file sharing, project management, and internal and external collaboration.

Xerox® ConnectKey® App Technology creates the right environment for upping your productivity while lowering your costs. Apps on multifunction printers enabled with ConnectKey® Technology extend the capabilities of the machine with time- and money-saving solutions like Xerox® Scan to Cloud Email App and the Xerox® Scanning Apps for Docushare®, Google Drive and DropBox.

Optimize your assets

Make an inventory of your office equipment and furniture. How often is each piece used? Who uses it? Once you’ve captured this data you can make adjustments to your workspace to maximize efficiency and productivity. Sell, trade-in, or recycle unnecessary equipment and furniture and upgrade what you keep to the latest technology.

Multifunction printers provide a better value than separate printers, scanners, and fax machines. Consolidate to increase cost efficiency and reduce energy consumption, space, and supplies inventory.

VersaLink C405

Smart multifunction printers built on Xerox® ConnectKey® Technology save you money with tools that help you work more efficiently: application defaults, control user permission, built-in accounting capabilities, and power management tools help you manage resources better. The Xerox® VersaLink® C400 Printer and VersaLink® C405 Multifunction Printer automate steps by scanning and saving documents directly to the cloud, eliminating repetition and reducing errors.

Scanning technology helps you reduce your reliance on paper and lets you create single or multi-page, text-searchable PDFs through optical character recognition (OCR) so information is always easy to find.

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