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Xerox Corporation (NYSE:XRX) is the world's leading document management technology and services enterprise. A $17 billion company, Xerox provides the document industry's broadest portfolio of offerings. Digital systems include color and black-and-white printing and publishing systems, digital presses and "book factories," multifunction devices, laser and solid ink network printers, copiers and fax machines. Xerox's services expertise is unmatched and includes helping businesses develop online document archives, analyzing how employees can most efficiently share documents and knowledge in the office, operating in-house print shops or mailrooms, and building Web-based processes for personalizing direct mail, invoices, brochures and more. Xerox also offers associated software, support and supplies such as toner, paper and ink.

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Office Equipment

Wide range of all-in-one printers (multifunction printers) which offer flexibility and advanced features for high quality copying, printing, scanning and faxing suitable for personal and high use workgroups.

  • Colour
    A complete line of office multifunction colour laser printers and solid ink multifunction printers that copy, print, scan and fax all in one. Find the right multifunction colour printer below.
  • B&W up to 30 ppm
    Multifunction laser printers produce black and white output at speeds of up to 30 pages per minute. Monochrome multifunction laser printers deliver document handling with print, copy, scan and fax in letter to tabloid sizes. Find rich features and performance you can rely on with a laser multifunction printer that maximizes workgroup productivity.
  • B&W over 30 ppm
    Black and white laser multifunction printers produce more than 30 pages per minute from letter to tabloid paper sizes. Multifunction laser printers deliver more capabilities to print, copy, scan and fax to more people. These functions make monochrome multifunction laser printers powerful at multitasking.

If you only need to print, our industry leading Phaser laser printers provide an impressive set of features and options. See our range of black and white office printers and colour laser printers below.

  • Colour
    Colour Printers: A complete line of award-winning colour laser printers and solid ink printers to meet every office need.
  • Black and White
    Hard-working and easy-to-use black and white laser printers your office can depend on.

If you only need to copy, our fast and affordable digital copiers provide unbeatable value.

Software and Solutions
Get more out of your Xerox hardware investment with innovative software and solutions designed to increase your productivity, improve your communication, and save you money.


    Production Solutions

    Digital Presses

    Full colour, high speed, digital printing press models that offer benchmark productivity, print quality, and economics.
    • Colour
      Digital printing press models that integrate into your current workflow to enable applications such as 1:1 marketing and print on demand.
    • B&W Publishing
      Productive monochrome and highlight colour printing and publishing printers with unmatched flexibility and reliability for all digital print applications.
    • B&W Transaction
      Fast, reliable monochrome production printers for transaction printing and publishing environments.

    Production Printers & Copiers

    Expand your digital print capabilities with advanced high volume production printers and copiers for your biggest jobs.
    • Colour
      Cost-effective printers provide high-quality colour for a broad range of digital print applications.
    • Black and White
      High-speed, high volume copier/printers and copiers for cost-effective digital print productivity and image quality.
    • B&W Publishing
      Productive monochrome and highlight colour printing and publishing printers with unmatched flexibility and reliability for all digital print applications.
    • B&W Transaction
      Fast, reliable monochrome production printers for transaction printing and publishing environments.

    Continuous Feed Printers

    Superior image quality, speed and flexibility (including MICR) combined with maximum uptime boosts productivity and reduces costs.

      Workflow & Software

      The FreeFlow™ print management offerings integrate easily in your current workflow and give you the freedom and flexibility to incorporate the components that work best for you.
      • FreeFlow Software & Scanners
        Production workflow solutions boost productivity, reduce costs, and enable new applications.
      • DFEs & Controllers
        Full-featured colour servers, with various advanced colour management tools, security features, and workflow and professional-class job management capabilities.
      • Production Printing Software
        Pre-press, data management and business modeling software

      Feeders and Print Finishing Solutions

      Turn your Xerox press into a complete workflow solution with feeding and print finishing equipment.
      • Inline Finishers
        Print finishing equipment that connects inline to to your digital press
      • Offline Finishers
        Offline finishers for your digital press
      • Feeders
        Feeding equipment to enable high-capacity feeding for your digital press
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      Document Outsourcing

      Proven document outsourcing and services to reduce cost, drive efficiency, shorten time to revenue, and enhance your customers' experience.

      Communications and Marketing Solutions
      Are you wasting time, money and effort with outdated document supply chain processes?
      Are you spending too much to find new customers?
      Are you fully capitalizing on the customers you already have?
      Are you looking to improve your marketing ROI?

      Enterprise Content Management
      Do you know how to automate your document processes?
      Are you spending too much time managing your paper and digital content?

      Managed Print Services
      Do you know the true cost of managing your print environment?
      Are your employees wasting energy managing print devices when they could be contributing to your business results?
      Are you looking for environmentally friendly, more sustainable business practices?
      Did you know that your print devices may be a security issue?
      Do you want proven, guaranteed results?

      Case Studies

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