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Benefits of EDI Transfers

EDI is the automated, computer-to-computer exchange of structured business documents between an enterprise and its vendors, customers, or other trading partners. The form of these documents is based on the use of industry, national, and international standards.  Xerox adheres to the X12 format of the American National Standards Institute (ANSI). ANSI X12, as adopted by Xerox, provides a complete and accurate presentation of the elements necessary to accomplish the respective business process. If the EDI Version of the standards shown is not compatible with your current EDI capability, we will be happy to provide the version you require.  In a paper-based environment, a paper document is generated, frequently on a multi-part form and routed for approval signatures. Copies are forwarded to various internal departments for filing, while copies are sent through the postal service to a business partner.  When it reaches the business partner, it is frequently re-keyed into another computer system. Paper documents are generated, and the data transfer process begins in reverse. This cycle can take many days and invites errors. EDI automates data transfer between computers - even if they are in different locations, or on different continents!  Key benefits of EDI include:

  • The ability of your enterprise to alter its product information and distribution channel strategy;

  • Improved performance from your staff - they’re released from routine administrative tasks and can focus their expertise on strategic tasks;

  • Simplification of your company’s processes;

  • Reduction of paper documents through electronic communication;

  • Improvement in the speed and accuracy of information exchange;

  • Minimization of errors and delay;

  • Integration with other means of electronic communication among companies for total information exchange.

Transaction Sets

Business documents usually transferred electronically are grouped into transaction sets. Key benefits of EDI include: 




Payment Orders / Remittance



Application Advice



Purchase Order



Purchase Order Change Requests



Functional Acknowledgments