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Tecnau SheetFeeder NV

Roll feed system for Xerox Nuvera Production Systems
1 800 275 9376
Hours: M-Th, 8:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. ET


Feed your Xerox Nuvera non-stop for hours. The SheetFeeder NV roll feed system cuts sheets from a large 50" diameter roll and feeds them on demand to the Xerox Nuvera for an operator shift or more, increasing throughput while lowering downtime, operator involvement and paper costs. Grain rotator/transport enables grain-correct feeding for book applications.

Key Features

  • Single sheet feeding: Produce sheets on demand from a roll for ultimate reliability - no de-shingling from a stack
  • Full compatibility: Integrates with all Xerox Nuvera models
  • Grain rotator: SheetFeeder NV-R model enables feeding of grain-correct sheets
  • Three-hole punch option: Produces 3-ring binder sheets from plain paper
  • Switches letter to ledger on same roll: Cut sheets from an 11" wide roll, then push a button to change from 8.5" to 17" cuts
  • Supports any sheet size run by Xerox Nuvera presses

Your Challenges

In today's economy, everyone is pressed to do more with less. SheetFeeder NV helps you do just that, allowing you to produce more output in less time with less operator attention and reduced paper costs.

Key Challenges

  • Cut sheet paper is more expensive than roll paper
  • Lost productivity when paper trays run empty

How Xerox Can Help

Roll feeding enhances the performance of the Xerox Nuvera, providing the following benefits to all Xerox Nuvera users:

  • Increased uptime: No downtime for empty trays – rolls run for hours, and can be replaced while running from a tray
  • Lower paper costs: Non-commodity papers (sizes other than letter/ledger; text/offset grades; pre-perfed, etc) cost up to 40% less in rolls!
  • Operator friendly: Easy to operate, and eliminates continual manual lifting/loading paper
  • Reduced operator attention required: May run for a shift or more per roll load, depending on application

Why Choose Xerox?

  • Highly productive: Roll-fed Xerox printers are more productive, using fewer resources, than non-roll-fed competitive printers
  • Grain correct feeding for book applications: Grain rotator feature on SheetFeeder NV-R for Xerox Nuvera enables grain-correct sheet feeding from rolls
  • Long partnership: Xerox and Tecnau have partnered on roll-feeding Xerox printers for 20 years plus, with hundreds of roll-feed systems installed. You can be confident in a smooth integration.