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Xerox® Media Cart and Media Cart Pallet

Your production flow just got easier
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The ebbs and flows in a production environment keep your operator on a hectic pace. To simplify this environment, Xerox introduces the Xerox Media Cart and Media Cart Pallet for selected Xerox® presses.

Key Features

  • Media cart removes stacks from presses without touching the output
  • Easily transport output, especially oversized stocks, maintaining integrity of stacks
  • Ergonomically designed, with adjustable stack table
  • Media cart works with specially-designed pallet for storage

Your Challenges

It is difficult to lift printed output from stackers, risking set integrity and potential ergonomic issues.

Key Challenges

  • Cart operators do not have an easy way to retrieve their printed output from their output stacker without risk of damaging the prints
  • Operators do not have a place to store output safely

How Xerox Can Help

The combination of the cart and pallet provide a full transport and storage solution, maintaining stack integrity, providing a solution for storage, and minimizing risk to print shop operators.