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Xerox® FreeFlow® Express to Print

FreeFlow Express to Print uses a simple, visual interface and predefined templates to simplify and automate prepress job preparation.
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  • Delivers exceptional value at an affordable price, tailored specifically for print operations looking to automate prepress and job preparation quickly and easily
  • Easy to use – even easier to install, without the configuration or server requirements of most other workflow solutions
  • Increases your productivity through automation of frequently-repeated jobs, complex print jobs, and routine job preparation tasks
  • Visual, logical, simple interface lets even novice users become experts quickly – intuitive design accelerates operator use and minimises required training
  • Saves time and resources by ensuring each job will print correctly the first time, with on-screen graphical representations
  • Save time and ensure consistent output by automatically converting your files to PDF
  • Free trial download allows you to try the software in your own print environment


  • View/edit job ticketing and prepress functions ensure accuracy before submitting to print
  • Drag-and-drop icons let you quickly and easily add tabs, inserts, covers, page exceptions, page numbering, watermarks, and bar codes
  • Sleek and simple, highly visual graphical interface displays the complete job on-screen (soft proof) with multiple views – reader spreads, printer spreads, or page view
  • Create customized labeled tabs quickly and easily with formatting and style features that automatically embed information into the job ticket
  • Virtual printer converts native file formats such as TIFF, JPEG, PostScript®, EPS, and RDO into PDFs automatically as soon as they are opened
  • Accelerates jobs to Xerox digital printers via automated workflows
  • Increases productivity through predefined templates which reduce the steps required to program common print jobs, such as business cards, brochures, post cards, books, and manuals. Industry-specific kits for Legal and Education provide a custom installation with templates specialized to the industry.
  • Includes colour optimisation and image enhancement, maximising print quality and consistency

Key Applications