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XMPie® Variable Data Printing Solutions

Power your communications with variable data. Win with advanced flexible design-to-production workflows.
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XMPie's Data Driven Print and variable data printing software solutions supercharge your communications with relevant messages, images and graphics to grab your audience's attention. XMPie's open architecture lets you start anywhere, add capabilities, and protect your investment all along the way.XMPie's open architecture lets you start anywhere, add capabilities, and protect your investment all along the way.

  • uDirect® Classic leverages simple data sources and Adobe® InDesign® to create personalized documents and data-driven design in an easy-to-use desktop variable data printing solution.

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  • uDirect® Studio builds on uDirect Classic with uImage and uChart creative tools to create communications with even more impact and relevance. Add memorable personalized uImages created with Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, and stylized, data-driven, personalized charts with uChart.

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  • PersonalEffect® Print is a turn-key, server-based solution for designing and processing high volumes of personalized variable data print documents, with high-speed page composition that takes full advantage of concurrent processing techniques.
  • PersonalEffect® Print Pro is a turn-key, server-based solution for designing and processing high volumes of personalized variable data print documents that leverages Adobe InDesign's advanced design features and the Adobe InDesign Composition Engine.
  • Enterprise Print is a multi-server, scalable and configurable platform which includes all the fundamental components required to custom-build a cluster configuration for customers who require maximum flexibility when creating data-driven print campaigns.

Key Features of XMPie's Variable Data Printing Solutions

  • Optimize for speed and output to industry standard formats, such as PDF, PDF/VT, VIPP, Optimized PostScript, VPS and PPML
  • Connect to any data source, from single table, local data sources such as CSV files or Microsoft® Excel® spreadsheets to more complex sources
  • Work natively in Adobe® InDesign® on Mac or PC to create visually-rich documents
  • Automatically adjust text size: accommodate data variability to support underflow and/or overflow
  • Customize charts and graphs
  • Personalize images, including with image-based fonts
  • Create a barcode as a graphic element
  • Enhance the communication levels in a document with Individual Personalization together with Audience Segmentation
  • Flexible and scalable solutions: Start anywhere, add capabilities, and protect your investment along the way

Your Challenges

Gone are the days of a one-size-fits all approach. People want their brands to know them and to show it. Personalized marketing through variable data printing opens the door for marketers to transform the way their brand and consumers communicate.

Key Challenges

  • Inspiring engagement and action.
  • Targeting individual recipients in a compelling manner in terms of content, relevancy, design and channel.
  • Efficiency in handling and processing personalized communications to large recipient lists.
  • Getting designers up-to-speed in designing for variable data printing.

How Xerox Can Help

With XMPie variable data printing solutions, deliver personalized campaigns targeted to motivate engagement and responses. Process large volumes of dynamic print using patented composition techniques.

  • Increase your ROI with targeted, relevant print communications.
  • Harness Adobe InDesign's full creative power.
  • See "what you see is what you get" previews of the finished document, including the dynamic elements, at any stage during the design process.

Why Choose Xerox?

  • XMPie, a Xerox Company, provides the quality, service, and technology that you expect from a trusted brand.
  • XMPie has Professional Services and Support teams ready to help with custom functionality, additional training, and general assistance.
  • You can drive higher print volumes with variable data print using XMPie's feature-rich software.
  • No matter where you start in the continuum of XMPie products, you can easily scale from desktop to server, single-server to multi-server.

Case Studies

Making Dorset Buzz Again: Bees and Technology

XMPie® allowed the Dorset Wildlife Trust to send relevant communications based on demographic data and user behavior. And messages were made to fit the unique needs of social media, email, and printed materials.