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Xerox AltaLink MFP with Gabi Voice
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Gabi Solutions brings the power of Artificial Intelligence and voice recognition to AltaLink devices

Gabi® brings the power of Artificial Intelligence and voice recognition to AltaLink® Series Multifunction Printers

A workplace filled with cutting-edge technology is only as productive as the workers who use it. Getting the most from innovative IT demands efficient people-centric user interfaces to drive adoption and promote use. Few UI designs fit the bill better than voice recognition.

Today’s users increasingly expect to command the technology around them with touchless technology using natural-language speech. The same easy interface is now revolutionizing the way we work with technology in the modern office.

Xerox® has partnered with Gabi Solutions to bring the power and efficient AI-driven voice recognition to the AltaLink line of multifunction devices. Gabi Solutions are developed to support section 508c of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, which governs accessibility of information technology in the U.S. federal government. With Gabi solutions, users skip the input screens and icons and get straight to the task with intuitive voice commands for copying, scanning, e-mailing and faxing.

Gabi Solutions offer two versions; Gabi Gov (On-Premise Server) and Gabi Voice (Cloud). English only.

Gabi Gov

The Secure On-Premise Voice Recognition Solution

Powered by a secure, on-premise server, Gabi Gov allows users, including those with disabilities, to operate the multifunction printer using natural language without the need to interact with the user interface. By using the wake-up word, “Hey Gabi,” you can now direct your Xerox AltaLink MFP to make copies, send emails and faxes, release secure prints, and more.

Gabi Gov complies with Federal 508c compliance terms enabling the visually impaired and those with learning disabilities to use the MFP’s features via natural language.

Gabi Voice

Leveraging the AI power of IBM’s Watson, Gabi Voice is built with enterprise-grade security and privacy in mind. Gabi listens only when it hears its wake command “Hey Gabi”. All commands are encrypted and routed through cloud-based identity and access controls.

Simply connect Gabi Voice to the network install the speaker/microphone device close to the AltaLink you want to control. That’s it; you’re up and running.

For more information on Gabi Gov or Gabi Voice solutions contact your Xerox representative or authorized reseller.

Gabi® and Gabi Voice are trademarks of Gabi Solutions.