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A hand loading a cyan toner cartridge into a Xerox printer

Verify Your Xerox Supplies Are 100% Genuine

Counterfeit Xerox toner cartridges are difficult to distinguish from Genuine Xerox toner cartridges. These fakes are a combination of refilled/remanufactured and brand-new third-party cartridges boxed in replicas of Xerox original packaging. Unlike Xerox, counterfeiters have no regard for the quality, reliability, or safety concerns that bogus cartridges pose.

Three Ways to Verify Authenticity

1. Verify online.

Use the Genuine Xerox Supplies Validation Tool and simply enter the 12-digit authentication number found on the silver hologram label.

Xerox Genuine Supplies label example

Xerox affixes a holographic security label with a unique serial number on the outer box of every genuine Xerox supplies item. There are several generations of labels in circulation. The most recent, shown here, has the following security elements:

  1. Serial number on top of label

  2. Micro numbering above logo

  3. Presence of QR barcode

  4. Barcode at bottom of label

  5. Kinetic lens effect

2. Inspect the security label.

Look for specific features on the silver security label. There are several generations, but at a minimum:

  • All have a unique serial number and barcode printed on every label.

  • On earlier labels (not the most current), and depending on the viewing angle, the background changes to read “GENUINE,” “ORIGINAL,” “AUTÊNTICO” or “VÉRITABLE.".

Current and Previous Generation Security Labels

A good Xerox Supplies Label

12 Character Code, QR Code Upper Right, Bar Code at Bottom

A good Xerox Supplies Label (older version)

12 Character Code, Bar Code at Bottom

Beware of Manipulated Authentication Labels!

Completely Removed Xerox Label

Label Completely Removed

Number Removed, Label Reused

Number Removed, Label Reused

Number and Barcode Scraped

Number and Barcode Scraped

Codes Partially Removed

Codes Partially Removed

Do not accept Xerox Supplies with missing or altered Security Labels. Contents may be counterfeit, or quality compromised.

3. Contact us for help.

If something just doesn’t seem right, or you’d like to report suspicious activities, please call us at:

  • 1-866-979-8222

  • Outside of North America: 0044 (0) 1707 353250

You can also email Brand Protection Investigations or submit the suspicious activity form below.

How to Know if your Xerox Supplies are Genuine? YouTube Video

Counterfeit or Stolen Supplies Incident Reporting Form

We appreciate your letting us know about a possible counterfeit or stolen supply item. The information you provide below will help our investigation team take action.

Thank You. Your suspicious activity information has been submitted and will be reviewed by Xerox. If you have further concerns or questions, call: 0044 (0)1707 3223