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Shouldn’t print and package pickup flex at the speed of modern work?

With higher expectations and ever-changing needs, the way we work demands package delivery that can keep up.

Shifting schedules. Hybrid workspaces. Personal package delivery at the office. Modern work poses several challenges to mail streams, and they’re all underpinned by rapid, ongoing digitization. All of which highlights the need for smarter, simpler and more secure package and print delivery.

Introducing Intelligent Locker Service by Xerox, a solution that supports your daily operations by making inbound package pickup faster, easier and safer. It automates the entire process, using parcel lockers to provide a seamless experience that drives efficiency.

This is especially critical for mailrooms, as not all packages can be opened or digitized based on company policies. Similarly, in-plant print centers can ensure the right job gets to the right person in the most convenient way.

How intelligent parcel lockers work

  • A package or print job arrives in the mailroom

  • The delivery item is scanned into the tracking system

  • The package locker location and door is identified for item placement

  • Xerox staff places the item in package locker

  • The tracking system sends the recipient an email or text with a secure code

  • The recipient collects the package or print job from the designated package locker

How intelligent parcel lockers help

  • Secure: Passcodes and barcodes are sent directly to the recipient to ensure they are the only ones who can pick up the package.

  • Auditable: End-to-end tracking and reporting along with optional cameras enable you to audit the chain of custody.

  • Touchless: Barcodes add ease and convenience, eliminating touchpoints at the locker kiosk.

  • Faster and safer: Mailroom employees no longer have to travel throughout the building, improving delivery times and reducing risk exposure.

Your operational, mail or print delivery needs are unique to your organization. That’s why Intelligent Locker Service is an all-in-one, bespoke solution that’s made to scale with your business. We’ll work with you to help you determine what’s best for your current and future needs, including package locker quantity, size and location.

What it includes

  • Package tracking software: From mailroom receipt to recipient pickup, our software tracks it all, featuring robust audit and reporting capabilities.

  • Smart lockers: Custom-built package lockers are made to fit your company’s unique package flow and existing architecture.

  • Experienced staff: Dedicated teams handle the receipt and delivery of packages and print jobs, including troubleshooting and reporting.

Mail streams should support your daily operations, not stand in the way of them. Let’s modernize your package and print delivery processes to make your enterprise more efficient.

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