Xerox Solutions for the Canadian Federal Government

For over 50 years we've delivered print, digitization and automation services for our Canadian government departments and agencies, helping them respond to change securely and efficiently.

Our portfolio of products and services includes powerful advanced analytics, workflow automation, content management, security solutions and print infrastructure optimization to increase efficiency, productivity and meet compliance and security benchmarks.

Government of Canada departments and agencies look to Xerox to:

  • Automate Workflow — Workflow automation solutions to reduce redundant, manual tasks
  • Digitize Process — Digitize paper-based processes and manage digital documents to reduce errors, speed data collection and eliminate reactive processes
  • Modernize Infrastructure — Protect your print device investment, lower your operating costs and optimize your fleet. We work with Shared Services Canada (SSC) to meet your equipment and solution requirements.
  • Security & Compliance — Guard personal, confidential, classified and sensitive information across all agencies in all stages of use.
  • Create a More Sustainable Office — Our commitment to sustainability includes improving the sustainability of Canadian departments and agencies by reducing energy use and consumables.