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Reimagine Services for Government

Citizen expectations in today’s digitized world are high. They want to be able to interact, engage and transact with their government — anytime, anywhere, from any device.

The stakes for delivering digital services have increased dramatically in today’s environment. The demand for critical services such as unemployment claims, veterans’ benefits, healthcare, and housing assistance continues to grow, and agencies see the need to accelerate digital transformation projects to deliver a better citizen experience.

Xerox® Services for Government were built to address the complex challenges of providing secure and compliant government services that meet the needs of all citizens.

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Xerox® Services for Government help with:

Capturing and Digitizing Information  Digitizing paper processes and forms to speed data collection, reduce data entry errors, and abbreviate processing times. Capture and Content Services

Managing Content and Communications Simplify document management and retrieval, eliminate paper storage, and easily access the information you need to better serve your community. Leverage content templates for personalized, timely communications to aid citizen engagement. Content Management Solutions Communications Solutions

Modernizing and Securing Infrastructure Deliver a seamless experience across paper and digital platforms via comprehensive security, analytics, digitization, and cloud technologies and software. Managed Print Services

With Xerox’s Services for Government, government agencies can integrate legacy paper systems with digital processes, to work more efficiently and improve citizen engagement at each touchpoint — while reducing operational costs.

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The Future of Digital Government: Re-Imagine Your Citizen Services Strategy

In this webinar, we’ll unpack what citizens really want and how governments can meet those expectations while streamlining and reducing the cost of digital service delivery.

Center for Digital Government Citizen Survey – Sponsored by Xerox

The Center for Digital Government surveyed 2,000 citizens in March and August 2020 and found that citizens are having more issues with digital government services now than before the pandemic.

Graph infographic for the Center for Digital Government Citizen Survey – Sponsored by Xerox
Infographic image of 83%

of citizens want to access services from a computer but as in-person services decrease, more will need to turn to alternative options like mobile apps and kiosks.

infographic stats    32% image

want to be able to access more services online.

Infographic image for 38%

of citizens want digital services that are easier to use.

Infographic image for 70%

of citizens say data security is very important.

Digital Government Strategies for a New Era - A Center for Digital Government report, Sponsored by Xerox

Government On Demand? It’s what citizens want according to a recent Center for Digital Government survey.

Request your copy of this report to get insights on how you can build a more proactive, responsive strategy.

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More Ways We Help the Government

Visit the Government Industry page for more services that can help you connect and engage with citizens.

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Capability Brief (PDF)

Transform Communications with Xerox® Services for Government.

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Brochure (PDF)

Creating a Better Citizen Experience with Government on Demand