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Xerox® IT Services

IT Education Webinar Series: HP Endpoint Security 

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HP Endpoint Security with Xerox® IT Services

Endpoint security has never been more important. Explore Xerox IT Services and HP’s hardware-based approach to security ensuring PCs are equipped to stand up to today’s cyber threats. Work from Home/Learn from Home gives a completely new meaning to device security as people expect more and use technology in unexpected creative and collaborative ways.

In today’s environment, staying safe applies to technology as much as to personal health and safety. Each new email, embedded document, and network update is a potential threat to the health and security of your device and anyone that shares your network. Anti-virus and a spam filters are just not enough. Malicious attacks are ever evolving, putting user access and productivity at risk. HP’s built-in hardware solutions keep you protected in ways unmatched by any other manufacturers.

Join us for this free on-demand 30-minute webinar as we discuss HP’s approach to PC security.

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Join us for this free on-demand 30-minute webinar.

Thank you for registering for HP Endpoint Security with Xerox IT Services. We are excited to share with you some of our best practices. Please check your email for a link to the webinar.

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