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5 Key Drivers Towards a More Intelligent Workplace

If there were a clear path to a more intelligent workplace, would you take it?

We all want a smarter, more productive, efficient and secure workplace. One that increases mobility and collaboration while reducing risk. But how do you get there? That depends on what stage of digital transformation you are at.

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60% of organizations large and small don't have a comprehensive digital workplace strategy.

Evaluating your current workplace efficiency against five key operational performance drivers enables you to define potential improvement areas and determine the best path forward for establishing a more intelligent workplace. The insights and analytics gained from a full document lifecycle and process workflow assessment are invaluable. Especially given that digital transformation is an ongoing process with no end point. In an era when technology changes by the second, it’s critical to know where you are — whether to establish a baseline for starting out, or understanding where and how to optimize your path over time.

Five Key Drivers

1. Hidden Costs

With pressure to reduce business costs in general, a workplace assessment can help you identify the hidden costs in your organization. Most organizations have underutilized technology, paper-intensive processes and unsecured archives. A workplace assessment often reveals surprising findings, such as less than optimum IT infrastructure, higher than anticipated environmental impact, unacceptable data security or inefficient work processes.

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2. Document Infrastructure Management

The pressures involved with managing multi-vendor environments and multiple supplier contracts are more complex than ever. A full understanding of your existing IT, document and print infrastructure and user behaviors — knowing how your IT investments are being used and who’s accessing what, when and where — is critical.

The insights uncovered can open up opportunities to tighten security, increase automation, meet sustainability and corporate responsibility goals, enhance user experiences, or simply monitor your ROI on previous initiatives.

3. System Integration

Most organizations have changing IT requirements to meet regulatory or changing clients or internal user needs. If you are one of those organizations, you will appreciate the challenges this brings. Especially with the prevalence of distributed teams and offices and a growing mobile workforce. Even if you are a single office, the process of getting work done has moved far from the workplace. Integrating systems and managing data streams across platforms requires careful planning.

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4. Strategy and Process

Creating intelligent workplace efficiency may start with connecting, controlling and managing your IT Infrastructure. But it doesn’t end there. It involves automating and streamlining processes to eliminate manual steps and make it easier to work, share and collaborate and free-up time to focus on higher-value tasks and initiatives.

5. Security and Compliance

81% of security incidents are caused by credential theft (source: Verizon 2017 Data Breach Investigation Report). Are you using the most advanced technology to ensure your systems, documents and data are safe?

It’s a more complex challenge than you may think. There are many endpoints — multifunction printers (MFPs), mobile and networked devices, documents, and the users themselves.

Anything less than an end-to-end solution that integrates security and control across your entire print IT infrastructure, including authentication, traceability and auditable workflows, puts your company at risk.

Overall Benefits of Assessment

  • Create a clear path for success

  • Free up time to focus on your higher-value initiatives

  • More efficient work environments

Assess and Optimize today

Managed Print Services, a new offering from Xerox that takes Managed Print Services to the next level, uses analytics, cloud, digitization and leading-edge technology to design more efficient work environments.

The information uncovered through our analytics-based approach will help you lay the foundation and create a clear path for a more productive, secure and efficient workplace today and tomorrow.

Find out where you are now. Let us conduct a thorough workplace assessment to help you identify areas of improvement in your organization.

Schedule a Workplace Assessment Today

How we can help you be more efficient, productive and secure:

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Managed Print Services

We provide a set of core Managed Print Services (MPS) capabilities, including workplace assessments and print management, as well as digital transformation capabilities.

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