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Lexitas Puts Routine Document Processing on Autopilot

Fast-growing Litigation Support Company Saves Hundreds of Employee Hours with Xerox® RPA

“Xerox’s RPA service has relieved our employees of the manual, time consuming and mundane tasks, giving them an opportunity to focus more on higher value tasks.”

– Joanna Mitchell, Production Director, Lexitas
Lexitas Puts Routine Document Processing on Autopilot YouTube Video

Lexitas is an 841-person litigation support company headquartered in Houston, that processes documents for about 18,000 court exhibits each year. Its vision is to be the industry’s most trusted, most efficient, and most recommended legal and corporate support services partner.

On a path of high growth due to multiple company acquisitions as well as expanded client services, Lexitas was seeking ways to improve how it processes documents for the law firms and insurance companies for which it provides exhibit support. Its staff was spending some 250 hours each month manually processing, classifying, stamping, and storing a complex range of documents and media content by hand for court filings and submissions.

Like many companies in the legal industry seeking to better leverage modern technology to increase efficiency, Lexitas wanted a way to put routine tasks on autopilot to save time and money.

Lexitas implemented Xerox® Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Service designed for SMB customers.

The simple and easily implemented RPA solution has enabled Lexitas employees to re-allocate their time to higher-value work. It has also reduced data errors and made it easier to onboard new companies through the merger and acquisition process.

The Challenge

Manual document processing was time-consuming

Having acquired more than a dozen companies in the past several years, Lexitas remains in hyper-growth mode in this expanding legal niche. However, its staff members were getting bogged down by having to process legal documents by hand for the more than 18,000 court exhibits it helps clients prepare each year.

In order to submit or file court documents, Lexitas employees had to manually convert all digital exhibits—including audio and video files—received from their clients into readable PDFs. They also had to scan and convert some physical documents.

After identifying document types, employees had to stamp them and save them with a defined naming convention.

The hands-on process was taking some 250 hours per week, keeping employees from focusing on higher revenue generating priorities. The complexities also made it difficult to train and onboard new data entry resources in the face of turnover.

The Solution

Custom automation of routine processing

A longtime customer of Xerox technology services, Lexitas turned to the newly launched Xerox Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Service for small and medium-sized business for a document processing solution. The Xerox Automation Team worked with Lexitas to assess their needs, and build and implement a custom RPA process within six to eight weeks.

The Xerox team also worked to train staff members on the new process and continues to provide ongoing solution support.

Now, the once-manual document processes are on autopilot. The automation system receives input files, extracts data using optical character recognition, and converts the files to the desired format. The solution can handle a wide range of files, including media files and unknown file types.

The system works with Adobe to convert documents to readable PDFs and then stamps and saves the PDF files. The solution is deployed on Amazon Web Services (AWS)—a cloud-based platform for storage of data—making it easy for anyone to retrieve documents from Lexitas servers.

"RPA is among the fastest-growing areas of technology adoption and it allows Xerox’s SMB customers to operate more effectively and efficiently.”

— Donna O’Donnell, VP, Automation Sales, Xerox

The Results

Higher value work, less stress

“Xerox’s RPA service has relieved our employees of the manual, time consuming and mundane tasks, giving them an opportunity to focus more on higher value tasks,” says Joanna Mitchell, Production Director, Lexitas. “Alleviating the burden of laborious, repetitive tasks has helped my team achieve goals faster and with less stress.”

The onboarding training experience for a new employee is more straightforward, given the automated system. And assimilating processes for newly acquired companies is simpler and more efficient as Lexitas continues to grow.

The RPA Service is easy and fast to implement, notes Sidney Smith, VP of Sales for Workflow Automation Services, so it doesn’t impact critical operational activities. The Xerox technology services team is helping Lexitas explore using automation in processes across other areas of its litigation support services as well, he says.

As Lexitas evolves its use of RPA, Xerox will continue to tweak, adjust, and modify the solution as part of its continued support.

Lexitas use of RPA is part of an expanding trend, notes Donna O’Donnell, VP, Automation Sales, Xerox. "RPA is among the fastest-growing areas of technology adoption and it allows Xerox’s SMB customers to operate more effectively and efficiently,” she says.

Let’s put your processes on autopilot. How far will it take your business? Watch our video on how Robotic Process Automation can help you. And don’t forget to download the capability brief to discover what’s possible with Xerox® RPA.

Gear icon with connectors flowing off to the leftThe Challenge

  • Staff members had to process complex documents and media content by hand

  • The manual process made training data entry employees difficult

  • Manually converting exhibits into readable PDFs was prone to human error

Lightbulb iconThe Solution

Graph trending upwards, with a gear above itThe Results

  • Eliminates the need for 250 hours of monthly manual work by staff

  • Frees up employees to do higher-value work

  • Significantly reduced errors

  • Provides a simple process to onboard document processing for new company acquisitions

  • Simplified training for data processing staff

Three co-workers in a brightly lit modern office, with large windows with green plants outside

Robotic Process Automation

Imagine if you were free to focus on the big picture while bots took care of your manual tasks.

We do it before you even know it needs doing.

From automated order generation to AI-powered document processing, and everything in between.

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