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Xerox® Experts: Powering Up Flexible Workforces

The Experts have a specific focus and faculty: bettering small and midsize businesses. They’ve worked with thousands of entrepreneurs and serve as loyal listeners, rapt solvers and accessible neighbors. Right now they’re ready to power up your Flexible Workforce. Read on to learn more.

“When we migrated a client to the cloud, we improved the speed and accuracy of care for diabetic patients by 80%.”

Joelle has been a Xerox® Expert for 10 years. Her expertise spans a wide range of industries, from healthcare companies to law firms.

Meet Our Experts

Power Up a Flexible Workforce

Flexible Workforce outfits your business with digital tools and services to keep it running smoothly from anywhere. By integrating hardware, software, and IT support and infrastructures into your every day, the Experts can help your employees work productively wherever they are—and power your business with the agility and resilience to prepare for the future.

Six Areas to Support Your Employees in the Flexible-Working World

By powering up a flexible workforce with the right technology, tools and services, your employees work productively, no matter where they are, and you make your business more adept and resilient in the face of change. Explore six essential areas to support your team and assess your current situation by downloading our eBook.

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Xerox Experts: Powering Up Flexible Workforces

Xerox Experts: Powering Up Flexible Workforces YouTube Video

Powering Up a Flexible Workforce Helps Businesses Make the Most of a Hybrid Working World

Helping Rocky Mountain Public Media Rise to Remote Challenges

Carpenter from Fairfield Chairs at work

How Swapping Analogue for Digital Built a Stronger Fairfield Chair

From Paper to Cloud Platform: Improving Patient Security at Step One Charity

Customize Flexible Workforce to Fit Your Business

Switching to Flexible Workforce is as simple as reaching out to our knowledgeable Experts. They’ll work closely with you to integrate the right tools, tech and services into your business, and improve the way your teams communicate and collaborate every day.

Xerox® IT Services

Managing your own IT infrastructure can be complex, time-consuming and costly. At Xerox, we do it for you. From technology procurement and managed IT services, to cloud migrations and critical information security management, our end-to-end services and solutions take care of the tech—so you can focus on your business.

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The Experts

When you team up with an Expert, you get far more than expertise. You get an exceptional partner, a trusted adviser and an optimistic problem solver who’s as committed to your goals as you are. Whether it’s over the phone, a check-in text or a virtual cup of coffee, our Experts are excited to get to know you, learn all about your business, and work with you to achieve goals of all sizes.

Contact Our Experts

“When we meet a new client, one of the things we establish immediately is their personal and professional goals. Part of my own discovery is learning about them.

Greg, a Xerox® Expert who’s been dedicated to his clients for over 18 years

“I’m very in tune with my IT clients. When I set up a meeting, I’m interested in what they’re doing and we create a relationship.”

Joelle, a Xerox® Expert who’s always curious about her clients’ businesses

“We come in with open ears and try to get a clear idea of what our clients are going through on a day-to-day basis.”

Egan, a Xerox® Expert who’s always ready to tackle new challenges

Put Process on Autopilot with Workflow Automation

Streamline and simplify your every day with Automation—an easier way of working designed to replace manual paper-based processes. Making the switch starts with contacting our Experts, who can digitize your documents, set up automated infrastructures and provide steadfast support whenever you need it—so your teams can work smarter, not harder.